Acrylic Brush Set


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  1. Spencer

    I have used these brushes for many years now because they are the best. I use the filberts as well the flats they always have good edges and points as needed.

  2. Starving Artist

    I use Escoda Kolinsky bright brushes almost on a daily basis. They are simply SUPERB brushes. If not the best, certain one of the best. I thin my paint with oil medium to a ketchup-like consistency, and the Escoda Kolinsky brushes hold the paint, and apply it with absolute perfection. They are durable and long lasting, if one cleans them and takes good care of them. They keep their shape when painting, and have a perfect “spring” for the consistency of oil that I use. I give them 5 stars. They are totally worth the expense. Those who make them should be very proud of what they are contributing to the art world, and world in general. Just fantastic stuff!

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